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Pharmacy Stock Management Game

Pharmacies play an important role and are tightly regulated. Those in charge of managing inventories must be able to accurately identify and move products around the pharmacy efficiency while maintaining a clear chain of custody and checking for errors. To help students build these skills, Charles Darwin University commissioned an educational game where users need to quickly place each item to its appropriate location. Built entirely with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, the game can be played on nearly any modern device without downloads or plugins. Products are randomly selected from a database and sent to the user asynchronously. Game progress is stored on the client browser and synchronised independently of gameplay. This greatly improves performance, reduces requests to the server and allows the game to withstand short network outages – an important feature for students who may be studying via cellular connections in remote areas.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, LocalStorage API, CSS3 transforms and animations and jQuery. The app is currently in private beta at Charles Darwin University.

Interactive Learning Resources from Charles Darwin, Evolution & Tropical Australia MOOC

Charles Darwin, Evolution and Tropical Australia

Working with professors from CDU’s School of the Environment and Charles Darwin’s great-grandson, the Innovative Media Production Studio created an award-winning Massive Open Online Course and raised the bar for online courses in Australia. Packed with beautiful video content, interactive web pages, a heavily customised portal and weekly live lectures, the course showcased CDU’s leadership in online education. I developed most of the interactive elements, tweaked the content management system and helped get all the technology in order.

Resources were built in HTML5 and CSS3, and special attention was paid to accessibility. In at least one case, we extended an open source project and worked closely with developers at Blackboard.

CDU Explorer

CDU Explorer

A web-based mobile scavenger hunt game played on and around the CDU campus. The game was first designed to support Open Day, an event where the general public is invited to the university for tours, demonstrations and fun. The Marketing team approached IMPS seeking ways to make their drawings more exciting and better targeted. Explorer’s first run saw 200 users during the 6 hour event, with more than a thousand points of interest logged. Additionally, public dashboards were provided on HD displays to keep players updated and entice others to join. The game was more efficient for staff than other methods, reinforced CDU’s position as an innovator in online education and allowed anyone with a mobile device to register for the drawing. After the event, we were able to study the game’s logs to determine which spots were most popular, how long people stayed at the event, and how many sites they tended to visit. It has since been adapted for other events such as Orientation Week.

The game was built in HTML with jQuery mobile and MySQL server on existing infrastructure.

Sprout Creative

The Best Story. NT.

Tourism Northern Territory’s national media campaign featured several aspects spread across multiple agencies. Developed with Sprout’s partner CumminsRoss in Melbourne, the complex campaign was kicked off by a launch event featuring a live cross to Alice Springs, where Australia’s longest running morning news show Breakfast would announce special airfares on QANTAS from major Australian cities to the Territory’s remote towns. Sprout created a suite of interactive banners featuring a map with different attractions in each part of the Territory. The banners would deploy across the internet in sync with the launch event and a new TV commercial, which would also begin airing as a pre-roll on YouTube. To complicate matters, the client had existing contracts with another agency in Sydney for trafficking, but they wanted the creative weeks ahead of launch — and before the airlines had signed the details of the co-op agreement.

We created an innovative technical solution by leveraging DoubleClick’s API for dynamic banners. We built “hooks” into the interactive banners that could update price points and other details immediately using a special web page we developed for the client. This also allowed our client to adjust and test copy throughout the campaign and revise pricing in sync with partners.

Busy Bees Cleaning Services

Busy Bees Cleaning Services New Zealand


Busy Bees Cleaning Services is a cleaning company with branches on both the North and South Islands of New Zealand, with headquarters in Auckland and Christchurch. The old Busy Bees website didn’t embody the quality and professional nature of the organisation, while more and more potential customers were turning to the internet to find a cleaning service. Busy Bees’ director realised this trend, and came to me looking for ways to create a website that would find more customers, new franchise operators and grow the business.

What followed was a holistic approach to web design, including a new website and an overhaul to the existing logo, all while preserving and reinforcing the Busy Bees brand. Since the website was launched, visits are up 60% and Busy Bees receives dozens of new customer enquiries each week.

Busy Bees website traffic.

Search & Display Advertising

The commercial cleaning market in New Zealand’s largest cities is very competitive, but few companies were using modern techniques to push their brand. After a discovery period, we found that most of the competition were still relying on the “Yellow Book” to find customers. Data showed that this method was losing effectiveness year over year as customers turned to the web to find a cleaner. Analysis revealed that pay-per-click advertising on Google leading to a website that could quickly convert visitors would be far more effective, less costly and more flexible. Several ad variants were run for each region of the country and we matched budgets and bids to franchisee workloads.

The result was a highly successful system that lowered the cost of each lead by 40%, and would prove valuable for years to come.

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Sonic Foundry

Mediasite's web native player

Mediasite Web Player

Mediasite is a lecture-capture application that allows presenters to record and stream lectures live and on-demand to users via the web. When I began working with Sonic Foundry, each lecturer would need to specify the type and size of browser they wanted to target. Using HTML4 and early JavaScript frameworks, and years before “Responsive” was a buzzword, we developed a Mediasite player that could be run in the browser and adjust itself on load to make the most of available screen real estate for the user. This was no small feat given the integrated video pane, various aspect ratios for both screen capture and video and limited browser support for image scaling and CSS3.

Mediasite is used worldwide in classrooms and is a popular solution for enterprise video delivery.

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This is a small sample of my work. If you’d like to see more, feel free to get in touch!