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For the last few years I’ve been working hard for local businesses in Christchurch, around New Zealand and further afield in Australia and the US. We’ve made it through earthquakes, spent serval weeks without full facilities, and had a lot of hardships to deal with, but we’re proud to have done some really excellent work and helped our clients earn a lot of money.

Other than some weird, post-quake economics, business has been great. Demand is high and the quickly evolving nature of the internet yields new and exciting opportunities nearly every day. Small and medium businesses are embracing the web and seeing the huge amount of potential it provides for expansion and market research. In fact, these days we spend as much of our day doing statistical analysis and optimisation as we are strict coding, which illustrates the huge demand for this type of service.

As such, we’ve found the business has become quite a different entity than when we started. At a web business – like the internet itself – change happens quickly. Today we can analyse and measure so much more than small businesses ever could. We can collect vast amounts of data, and with analytics and statistics tools we can make the kind of results-driven strategy decisions that was previously only the domain of corporates with teams of consultants. It really is an exciting time to be in the business. Never before could a small business on a shoestring budget manage to test, analyse and refine a marketing ideas on such a short timeline and for so little money.

Gone are the days of planning a Yellow Pages advert one year and mulling a design change a year later. Today we can easily manage hundreds of variants of an advert on Google Search or the Display Network. We can determine which words, designs, specials and features draws the most customers in a matter of days or often hours.

Today we don’t simply focus on building a website; we focus on bringing the best possible results for business from the entire web marketing strategy. With our holistic approach; we get websites on the front page of Google Search, we analyse how the website works with social media like Twitter and Facebook, we study how clicks from online search and display advertising flow into website pages, and how we can improve the user’s experience both on and off the site to get the desired results for our clients. We evaluate return on investment on a per-click basis and can precisely calibrate ad spend to the channels where it is giving the best results.

We’ve done great things for the businesses we’ve been working with, and there is a tremendous demand for our results-driven approach, so the business is formally evolving to it’s second generation. We’ve rebranded and renamed. Jeff Ballweg Web Design is now known as CloudWorks Media.

We offer an expanded range of services, including performance analysis, search engine optimisation (SEO), online advertising and marketing through Google AdWords including DoubleClick and AdMob as well as other advertising systems like Facebook.

Most importantly, we tailor our services to meet the needs of each client. Whether you’re a charity interested in finding volunteers, an e-commerce business seeking more sales or a company trying to increase brand exposure, we can deliver analysis, reporting and strategy that delivers real, measurable results.

If you’ve got a website that isn’t giving you the results you’d hoped, or you’re looking to build a new site that actually gets results from the start, have a look at our new site at

Onward, upward.

Contact us in New Zealand on 0800 00 2024, from the USA on +1 (608) 554-0060.

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