I have been hand-coding standards-based websites since the mid-nineties, working across various industries in multiple countries.

I have built interfaces for commercial web applications, digital media for agencies and mobile learning games for universities. I ran my own business for a few years, bringing corporate-style web marketing and analysis to small businesses in New Zealand. I have attended workshops and conferences as far away as Melbourne.

The diversity of these experiences has given me a wealth of experience to draw upon and exposed me to a plethora of unique challenges. To provide the most effective solutions, I employ the latest in web development techniques. Currently I’m focused on fast, responsive designs that work – and look great – on any device. Responsive layouts, minimal network demand and solid SEO. By keeping good separation of concerns throughout the project, implementing with progressive enhancement techniques and loading large resources asynchronously only when required, we can provide the absolute best experience for as many users as possible.

I am a curious person and I like big, bold challenges. If you have one, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to say hello on Twitter or LinkedIn.